What companies are writing homeowners insurance in Florida?

All of us Florida homeowners know just how difficult it can be when it comes to buying homeowners insurance in Florida. So which company can provide you with the best coverage? First and foremost, you must know which companies write policies here in the Sunshine State. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that there really aren’t that many national companies that write home policies in Florida.

Due to the lack of national companies writing policies, here are a few great local companies that write homeowners insurance in Florida. Remember these are just a few companies. You can find more companies over at

Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance

Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance provide a variety of FL insurance products. In fact, this company is located in Jacksonville, FL. This company is different from all others due to their dedication to quick and efficient claims handling, superior customer service, and a great reinsurance program.

Federated National Insurance Company

Another great company is Federated National Insurance Company. They have been providing business to Fl residents for over 25 years. Federated National are committed to providing fair and competitive pricing. Along with exceptional customer service.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company combines its large company expertise with its small company flexibility to provide you with the innovation and attitude you are looking for when it comes to homeowners insurance in Florida. Your safety and security is number 1 to this company.

People’s Trust Insurance

People’s Trust is better prepared than all the other companies out there. In fact, this company provides a simplified recovery option, 24/7 emergency repairs, stress free claims, and a greater value. Save now with a homeowners insurance in Florida policy from People’s Trust Insurance. Get an online quote from People’s Trust here.

Southern Oak Insurance Company

Southern Oak Insurance Company is a Florida based insurance company. The main strength of this company is their knowledge and understanding of the Florida property insurance market. In fact, their team members have years of insurance experience.

These are a few companies that write home policies here in Florida from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/. You never know, one of these companies could be the perfect match for you. Remember to collect a quote from each one. That way you will be able to find the perfect policy for you, at a price you can afford.

A List of Florida Auto Insurance Companies

Auto insurance is an important area of protection that every driver should have while they are on the road.  Considering that Florida is one of the many states that require drivers to have coverage. There are dozens of different companies for drivers to choose from.  If you are currently in the market for a policy and are unaware of what company you should carry your policy with, below is a list of the most popular Florida auto insurance companies from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-auto-insurance/ available for your use.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has been serving drivers in the Florida area since 1925.  This auto company helps drivers to live safer and more secure lives.  With the use of their auto insurance, you will be able to register your car in Florida with any policy that you are interested in.  Liberty Mutual will ensure that you are at least covered by the minimum liability coverage amounts for the state of Florida.  As one of the oldest Florida auto insurance companies, Liberty Mutual has been helping customers for decades.

Direct Auto Insurance

Direct Auto Insurance is another one of the Florida auto insurance companies that have been working with an ample amount of customers.  This company provides drivers with the opportunity to have comprehensive coverage for lower premiums than other companies.  Also, Direct works with drivers who may have been rejected by other auto companies.  With the ability to get a free quote regardless of your credit score and driving history, Direct Auto Insurance may be the auto company for your needs.


Allstate is another one of the Fl auto insurance companies that offe with the opportunity to purchase comprehensive coverage for one inclusive price.  This company provides drivers with the opportunity to choose from different types of coverage aside from the ones that are required by law.  With that being said, customers are able to fully customize their policies to ensure that they get the most for their money.  Some of the non-required insurance elements that you will be able to choose from include: Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist, Medical Payments, Collision, Comprehensive.


This company is one of the Florida auto insurance companies that helps to make finding affordable and useful auto coverage simple.  Nationwide will explain all of the coverage that you are required to have in the state of Florida and other types of insurance that you can opt into.  When you sign up with Nationwide insurance, you will receive a written guarantee on repairs for your car, a choice of great car repair shops, the opportunity to track your repairs online.

With the use of one of the above Florida car insurance companies from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-auto-insurance/, you will be able to acquire comprehensive coverage for a price that you can afford.  Considering that auto coverage is one of the most important components of owning and operating a motor vehicle, you will want to ensure that you are sufficiently insured while on the roads.  A policy can help protect you and your family both physically and financially.

Are online Florida Insurance Quotes better?

Yes, online Florida insurance quotes from FloridaInsurancequotes.net are better! In fact, you can score quite an amazing insurance deal there. You will find that other websites out there have some of the worst insurance policies don’t make that mistake!

It is not very different from the traditional way of shopping for Florida insurance. Just as there are insurance companies with steep premiums and insufficient coverage, there are websites that do not offer any savings or special policies that can offer you more comprehensive coverage.

Shopping online

Many people looking for insurance begin their online quest for Florida insurance quotes at FloridaInsuranceQuotes.net. They offer homeowners, auto, renters, and other policy types. At their site, you can submit a simple query can get you access to all major insurance companies in the niche and can compare the policies. By receiving your quotes there, you can ensure you will find the best company to fit your needs. It’s really an easy process!

To get started, sign up and enter your basic information. Next, your information will be compared with over 25 different FL insurance companies. Next, you will receive your Florida quotes in under 30 seconds! Once you receive the quotes you need, the process of signing up for a policy is a breeze, thanks to their agents!

Be sure to do your research

One of the main problems with Florida insurance quotes is the lack of depth if you don’t visit Florida Insurance Quotes. You would be bombarded with amazing offers, low premiums, and claims of comprehensive coverage.

However, it is absolutely necessary to delve into the finer details. A standard insurance policy cannot be ideal for everyone. It is not just about affordability or the nature of the coverage. Always know how much coverage you need to purchase before shopping for a policy.

There are too many variables that will determine what is ideal for one individual. A reason why many people still seek the expertise of insurance agents is that they can customize the quest. You don’t need to explore all available insurance deals. Just simply focus on those that are relevant.

In order to find a great deal on your FL insurance though, you must collect Florida insurance quotes! Quotes are 100% your gateway to affordable premiums. Why not visit https://floridainsurancequotes.net/general/insurance-quotes-florida/ today? Who doesn’t want to easily collect Florida quotes they need fast!? Sign up for a policy you deserve today!